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So I Didn't Get to Go to DEF CON

Seriously...I had to cancel the hotel room and everything.

And this is how I feel about it every time I read something online about what was covered this year and how awesome it all was...


Sigh...the Lockpick Village was CALLING MY NAME, people...

My Custom InfoSec Curriculum

I am planning on taking the OSCP course and certification exam, so in order to prepare for that, I thought I'd continue my studies by creating my own "InfoSec Curriculum". I printed out the OSCP's PWK syllabus and have assembled my own list of resources to cover the areas in the syllabus, with an additional area on Python and the book "Blue Team Handbook: Incident Response Edition". Here is my plan in full detail.

RSA Conference 2015 Highlights

The RSA conference kicked butt, although the word on the street is that Blackhat and DEF CON are actually ten times cooler...we shall see...

BUT...having said that-an infosec conference is an infosec conference and hey-I'm just glad to be there :)

I went all five days, all day each day and it was definitely worth the time and effort to get there. Some highlights:

Day 1-Monday April 20: I went to the CSA Summit on Cloud Security in the morning, and the IAPP's seminar on Privacy in the afternoon. The CSA Summit was pretty good. I took a lot of notes and got some good insights. If I had to do it over, I still would have picked it. The Privacy Seminar was also very good, although Sagi Leizerov's talk blew all the other ones out of the water! (He was imploring the industry to automate ...

RSA Conference 2015

The RSA conference is next week!!!

I seriously cannot wait....I plan on visiting the Cisco and Red Hat booths, listen to any Bruce Schneier talks I can get to with an Explorer Expo pass (and meet him, if possible), do the CSI Digital Crime Lab Sandbox, participate in the SANS NetWars, network as much as I can, and just generally soak in all the InfoSec awesomeness. :D :D :D

Installing a GUI on an EC2 RHEL 7 Instance

I recently needed to put a GUI on an EC2 instance running RHEL 7. In working through all the quirks to get it running, I noticed there weren't a lot of tutorials that covered this particular use case. There were plenty on Ubuntu running on EC2, and plenty on RHEL 6/7 on a regular machine, but not a whole lot for the combo. Here's how to do that.

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